All four rooms at The Lady Pomona have been individually designed around a unique aesthetic, personality and experience. From wallpapers, to pictures, and vintage furniture, the spaces feel like entering a bygone whimsical era, while simultaneously feeling vibrant and new.

Like a family, we can't pick our own favourite, but we won't let that stop you.  

Yellow room .png

The yellow room is bathed in light and characterised by it's distinctive floral walls; a feature that that complements the views overlooking the garden on two sides. Waking up here is a dream, with birds singing outside and sunlight streaming through the gaps in the curtains.

The room is approximately 90 sq feet, with a full bed, a walk in closet, and access to a shared bathroom.

Blue Room 1.png

The Blue Room is reminiscent of a grand old boudoir filled with deep luxurious tones and decadent details. The walls are adorned with a sublime floral matt wallpaper, complemented by thick velvet curtains, a classic metal framed bed, and vintage brass light fittings with milk glass shades. And like any classic boudoir, it has it's secrets, a wallpapered door opens to reveal a full marble bathroom.

The room is approximately 130 square feet, with a queen bed, a dresser and a private bathroom.

Pink Room 4 details .png

There's more to the Pink Room than meets the eye, Like Alice in Wonderland, it's small, quaint and classic, while still being intriguing and fabulous. Filled with tones of soft pink, from the walls to the bed sheets, and even the vintage table lamps, broken only by the literary extracts that adorn the walls. The result is a surprisingly calming space.

The room is approximately 90 sq feet, with a full bed, a walk vintage dresser, and access to a shared bathroom.

Wood Room 5.png

Perhaps more than any others, the Wood Room feels like entering another era. A time where dinner was always followed by a glass of scotch. Wood panelling from floor to ceiling, and even on the ceiling itself, and we didn't stop there, a large wooden dresser, bedside tables and antique bed complete the picture. Accented by brass light fittings and William Morris curtains.

The room is approximately 130 square feet, with a full bed, a large dresser, an armchair and access a shared bathroom.